Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Do Tuesday ~ Oct. 6

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

this is my first to-do tuesday. i'm just going to do my list for today. then i'll check back tomorrow with what i accomplished.

1. wash all the laundry (about 5 loads)
2. fold all the laundry and put away.
3. make cheese enchiladas.
4. get olive garden for mentoring tonight.
5. scrub the bathtub.
6. start planning LIFE meeting.
7. write blog for bzz campaign on softsoap.
8. clean out my inbox.
9. go through the box of clothes in the livingroom and put away.
10. get out halloween decorations.


  1. That's a wonderful list, how'd you do, did you get it all done? :) As I promised last week, I begun my holiday preparations and made a 2nd list this week to include my 'game plan' :)

  2. i did all except #5 and #10. not bad. i do really need to do those two things though.


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