Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday 5~story

1. Which of your stories have you probably told the greatest number of times to the most people? probably my birth stories. i like reliving my labor, deliveries and first days with my babies.
2. What’s a story someone else often tells about you, much to your chagrin? austin likes to tell embarrassing stories about me a lot. example: when i beat a video game and it was way lame. i stood up and said "that's a bunch of crap" but when i said crap, a huge burp came out.
3. What oft-told story from a chapter in your life seems to be remembered differently by different people who were there? pretty much my entire childhood is seem differently from my mother's p.o.v.
4. What are some of the details, without retelling the whole story, of a story you’ve told often but never to your parents? i don't really think there is one.
5. What song would be an appropriate soundtrack to the story of your most embarrassing moment? "sleepwalker"

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