Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

breakfast: cheerios w/ milk; vanilla yogurt
lunch: cajun chicken ceasar salad on wheat tortillas; honeydew melon; 1 cup milk; 1 mini snickers
dinner: chicken and veggie stirfry; brown rice; 1 c milk; 2 rolls
2 snacks: grapes; chips
breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg; orange; wheat toast w/ butter; milk
lunch: grilled cheese; tomato soup; wheat crackers; apple; cup of milk
dinner: grilled chicken with peppers; lentil soup; chips; salsa
2 snacks: chocolate pudding; orange; pretzels
breakfast: cheerios w/ milk; yogurt
lunch: loaded baked potatoes; apple; granola bar
dinner: pork chops; brown rice; carrots; green beans; cottage cheese; applesauce; roll
2 snacks: strawberries; popcorn; cupcake
breakfast: hard boiled eggs; orange; wheat toast w/ butter; cup of milk
lunch: turkey sandwiches; pretzels; pear; cup of milk
dinner: wheat spaghetti w/ meat sauce; broccoli; wheat bread; apple
2 snacks: fig newtons; apple; graham crackers
breakfast: cheerios w/ milk; yogurt
lunch: chicken chef salad; 2 rolls; orange; wheat crackers; cup of milk
dinner: pork tenderloin; brown rice; broccoli; roll w/ butter
2 snacks: fig newtons; grapes; pretzels
breakfast: cheerios w/ milk
lunch: pbj; chips; bananas
dinner: eat out for sweetest day <3
2 snacks: animal crackers; pudding

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog and am always searching for menu ideas!


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