Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 on tuesday ~ 10 things I want, but can't afford

this was way too easy to do. am i getting greedy?

1. new livingroom furniture (the kids and cat would just tear it up again anyway.)
2. a new car (one that doesn't have a leaky sunroof)
3. a week long vacation to maine (with a hotel suite, a rental car and spending $$)
4. a new computer (with a fast internet connection and a great graphics card)
5. a camcorder (to capture at least one of my kids' first's)
6. a contractor to remodel our house (i don't want to move, but our house lacks a lot)
7. the best curriculum bought brand new for the rest of our school years (hey, a girl can dream...)
8. the new addition built onto the church (we are $150k short as of now)
9. a gym in my home (but i guess i couldn't buy the time to use it anyway...)
10. new beds for my family (a nice big king size for us, a new full for austin, a twin for sam, a princess canopy for sophie and a nice crib that turns into a toddler bed for maggie.)

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