Monday, November 9, 2009

Oreck Halo

Right now you can enter to win an Oreck Halo vaccum, worth $600, at the two of a kind blog. This looks like an amazing vaccum and would be a great Christmas gift. Or, if like me, your current vaccum is 8 years old and hardly works, you can keep it for yourself ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gumdrop Lane

Jen over at born 2 impress is hosting a fabulous giveaway from Gumdrop Lane. You can win an outfit of your choice from their Baby Nay line. They have some really adorable things to offer there. Check out the company, then head over to born2impress and enter. (Not too many times though becasue then I may not win :P)

Christmas is coming!

With Christmas right around the corner, many bloggers are amping up their giveaways and the swag is getting better and better. To up my chances of winning, I will be posting links here often this month and next of the best giveaways. At least in my opinion they will be the best. I wouldn't waste my time blogging about them if they weren't. :)

So anyway, check back here every day for new ideas on gifts for Christmas 2009.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

10 on tuesday

10 ways to waste time on the internet

well, that is the subject of todays 10 on tuesday. i just have to say that i don't consider most of these a waste of time....

1. enter giveaways at online-sweepstakes

2. see what everyone else is up to via their facebook status

3. while on facebook, check out your farm on farmville...

4. ...and don't forget checking in at yoville

5. join a meme and post to your blog (don't have one? go here)

6. do random searches on swagbucks to earn points for free gift cards

7. earn honeycombs at bzzagent for free products

8. of course i check my email on yahoo....while i'm at it, i read the headlines

9. sometimes i actually take care of my neopets

10. i love finding deals and freebies at the coupon high

my first gratituesday post

i've decided to try out being a part of gratituesday over at heavenly homemakers for the month of november. with thanksgiving fast approaching i want to focus on the all of the blessings God has brought to my life and to my family. it's so easy to get wrapped up in the commercialism of the holiday season and not really pay much attention to the point of it all.

this week i want to voice my gratitude for my family. the very people who i love the most are the same people i want to have a vacatin from sometimes! i am so grateful for 4 healthy, intelligent children---even when they make messes and whine and disobey. i'm thankful i have a loving, christian husband--even when he leaves his socks on the floor or he lets the trash go so long that i have to start another bag. all of the little inconveniences are so worth it in the grand scheme of things. i'd rather do the dishes 3 times a day and wash 12 loads of laundry a week than be without them. thanks you Lord for my family.

you can see the other gratituesday posts here:

to do tuesday (nov. 2)

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

fold 5 loads laundry and put away
clean out closet under stairs
interface homework
dishes (again)
clean out my inbox
go to interface

i'm sure there's more to do. i've been getting more done than usual lately because of the extra hour in the time change!