Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 2/22

SUNDAY: vegetable lasagna and cheesy breadsticks with sauce

MONDAY: oven fish sticks and fries

TUESDAY: corn and wild rice soup with rolls

WEDNESDAY: pizza and salad

THURSDAY: spicy pinto beans and rice on tortillas

FRIDAY: mexican goulash and chips

SATURDAY: easy lasagna rolls, garlic bread and salad

For more meal inspirations go to menu plan monday hosted by I'm an organizing junkie.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long time, no see....

i didn't realize how long it had been since i posted. you know how it goes. life gets going at an insane pace. things get pushed to the wayside. yesterday marked the start of lent 2010. i decided to give up playing on farmville. if you know what farmville is you can probably understand why i have to make a resolution to give it up. if you don't know what it is, please don't click here. it's like a drug. you think you'll just play it a little and then you are addicted. planning out when you can get on next and planting your crops accordingly. it's crazy!! but i digress...

since i was last on so much has happened...

i started a new curriculum with sam and sophie. it's through brightly beaming resources. i highly recommend it. the kids LOVE it and it is SOOO easy to use and plan for.

i also started a new math curriculum with austin. we went from saxon math to teaching textbooks. a friend of mine used it with her kids and let me borrow her copy to see if it was something i'd enjoy. austin really likes it because it is completely computer based. i like it because all i have to do is click a button and see the work he did. the system grades and records everything. this frees up more time to do things with the little ones. so far so good!

maggie is now sitting up on her own. i can't get over how fast she is growing! every child i have grows faster than the last. what is up with that? it doesn't make any sense to me! i'm ready to have a little one again :) i'm having lots of fun with her though. she is still nursing like a champ. i am so thankful that it is going well with her and sad at the same time that i missed doing that with my other 3 babies. maggie and i will always have a special bond because she was my first successful nursling :)

the upstairs still isn't done yet. surprise, surprise. i keep reminding myself that 10 years from now i won't care how quickly the house was done, but i will remember the time my husband spent with his family. the kids will also remember and that is what's important.

i really want to try to write on here more often if only so that i have a journal of sorts to look back on. i also want to blog about giveaway more often so that people reading this have something to keep coming back for.
till next time.......