Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this just in....

i just checked my email and had an email from kraft about a new feature they are using called "chat threads". you and i both have the chance of winning amazon gift cards if you click this link and take a short survery after you read my previous blog post about their products!!

jeanine's chat thread

I heart kraft!

i love kraft.

they have great food, they're always coming out with something new and they really make their customers feel valued.

case in point:
the other day, i opened my mail to find coupons (6 to exact!) to try some of their new items~~for FREE!!

i know the pic isn't great so let me tell you what is there:
one FREE kool-aid fun fizz drink drops
one FREE kraft homestyle deluxe macaroni and cheese dinner
one FREE digiorno deep dish single
one FREE 100 calorie pack cheese bites
one FREE oscar mayer deli fresh shaved meats
one FREE ritz crackerfuls
i've already used all of these coupons. here are my thoughts...

the kids LOVE the kool-aid fun fizz drink drops. we got the grape flavor. tastes just like real kool-aid from a pitcher. not at all watery (which i have found to be true with other by-the-glass products). you can make one glass of kool-aid at a time. that means chris and i love it too because then our pitcher is free to hold iced tea for us :) why don't we buy another pitcher? well, that's a whole other story.

i knew the crackerfuls would be a hit. we've bought them before and liked them. we got the 4 cheese kind. my kids get a kick out of the fact that the crackers are so big.

do i even need to write about the 100 calorie cheese bites? if you know our family you know we are cheese lovers. all except sam. not sure what went wrong there. anyway...the cheese bites lasted 2 days.

we ate the homestyle deluxe mac and cheese for dinner last night (with fish and green beans, just in case you were wondering). i added shredded sharp cheddar to the top. everyone loved it. except sam who doesn't like anything cheesy. see above. maggie ate his share. there were no left overs.

we're having the deli fresh shaved meat (i got the honey smoked turkey breast) for lunch today. i'll have to let you know how that goes over.

i have digiornio planned for chris for dinner on wednesday because i'm making a crock-pot meal with meat in it. i got a cheese deep dish for him with the coupon. i'll get back to you with his opinion.


if you want to try new things from kraft too, check out their first taste program. and if you need some inspiration for dinner or a pot luck (or really any meal!) check out the kraft recipes page. i got my pasta salad recipe there and that is always my go to recipe for get togethers in the summer. whenever someone compliments me on it i always say i found it on the kraft recipes website.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


i know, i know. i should be posting about all the great new products i've found, like i promised...

at this moment though, all i can do is go on a little rant because i am so fed up. fed up with people twisting the word of God for their own selfish gain. tired of people's flawed logic on biblical mandates like going to church. tired of people claiming to be Christians and then valuing nothing that the Lord values.

it sickens me.

and these people are facebook friends and family members. they are people who know the truth (or did at one time) and now reject it. some are people i used to respect, look up to and learn from. people who have seen the hand of God...but somewhere along the way they forgot.

case in point: there is some group or app or something of the sort that says something along the lines of "going to church doesn't make you a christian anymore than being in a garage makes you a car". now, while i agree with this, there have been one too many comments such as "you don't have to go to church to be christian" to allow me to overlook it. the process of salvation does happen in your created soul between you and the Lord Jesus; however the bible also tells us not to forsake meeting together. (Hebrews 10:25). twisted logic. failed logic. corrupting people who don't have the motivation or desire to look a little further into the Truth to learn. and several of my facebook friends and family members joined that group.

it's sad to me.

and angering.....

leading others astray through social media. welcome to world of technology. seems like evangelicals have their hands even more full now. God help us.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i'm such a slacker...

why am i such a procrastinator when it comes to my blog? i always think up such interesting posts but never get around to actually posting them. hopefully now that school is mostly done for the summer i will have more time and motivation to stop by here and say hi. hopefully there are still people out there wanting to read! LOL! whoever hasn't abandoned me......i will be posting soon about some of my favorite products. i love sharing my opinion about products and i've found a few recently that i REALLY want to tell you about.