Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sahale snacks

I won a great prize from sahale snacks thanks to one2try.com .

The big brown truck came today. I received: Soledad almonds which are almonds with apple, flax seed, dates, balsamic vinegar and red pepper; cashews with pomegranate and vanilla; and a brown shirt that says "who says indulgent can't be healthy?".

Of course, as with all of my freebies that come, the kids were just as excited as I was. When I get new products there are 4 testers that try it out!

First we tried the almonds. I was a little worried about Sophie with them because they have a tiny little bit of heat at the end. She liked them though. So did Austin and I. Sam licked it and gave it back to me.

Next we tried the cashews. Sweeter and very tasty. Everyone enjoyed them. Austin wanted more but I said no. I'm saving these for my secret stash ;)

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