Sunday, June 13, 2010


i know, i know. i should be posting about all the great new products i've found, like i promised...

at this moment though, all i can do is go on a little rant because i am so fed up. fed up with people twisting the word of God for their own selfish gain. tired of people's flawed logic on biblical mandates like going to church. tired of people claiming to be Christians and then valuing nothing that the Lord values.

it sickens me.

and these people are facebook friends and family members. they are people who know the truth (or did at one time) and now reject it. some are people i used to respect, look up to and learn from. people who have seen the hand of God...but somewhere along the way they forgot.

case in point: there is some group or app or something of the sort that says something along the lines of "going to church doesn't make you a christian anymore than being in a garage makes you a car". now, while i agree with this, there have been one too many comments such as "you don't have to go to church to be christian" to allow me to overlook it. the process of salvation does happen in your created soul between you and the Lord Jesus; however the bible also tells us not to forsake meeting together. (Hebrews 10:25). twisted logic. failed logic. corrupting people who don't have the motivation or desire to look a little further into the Truth to learn. and several of my facebook friends and family members joined that group.

it's sad to me.

and angering.....

leading others astray through social media. welcome to world of technology. seems like evangelicals have their hands even more full now. God help us.

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