Saturday, April 10, 2010

Me from A-Z

Got this cute idea from a few of the blogs I found while partying over at the 5 minutes for moms UBP.

A is for AUSTIN. my firstborn.
B is for BOOKS. i love reading when i have time.
C is for COFFEE and COUPONS. i'm an addict to both!
D is for DANCING WITH THE STARS. which is just one of the many, many "reality" shows i love. (right behind big brother and the bachelor)
E is for EASTER. my favorite holiday.
F is for FACEBOOK and FARMVILLE. two surefire places to find me.
G is for GOD'S WORD. i love studying the Bible.
H is for HOMESCHOOLING. i love learning with my kids at every stage.
I is for ICED SWEET TEA. which i love almost as much as coffee.
J is for JESUS. my Savior and my Lord.
K is for KIDS. i have 4. i pray i'm blessed with more :)
L is for LIFE MEETINGS. those are the monthly women's fellowship meetings that i lead at my church.
M is for MAGGIE. my baby girl.
N is for NOT GETTING DRESSED. i love lounging around in my p.j.'s.
O is for ORANGE. my favorite color.
P is for PIGS. i love pigs and one day, when all my kids are grown, will own one of my very own.
Q is for QUIVERFULL. it is God's choice when i have enough children.
R is for "RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST". and proud of it!!
S is for SAM and SOPHIE. my sweet middle's.
T is for TEEN MOM. i was one. God used it to make me the woman i am today.
U is for UNITY. this is what my husband and i strive for in our marriage.
V is for VERY LOUD. i'm loud when i'm happy, i'm loud when i'm mad. i'm just a loud person. deal with it.
W is for WICKED. my favorite play based on my favorite movie.
X is for .... i can't think of an X. can i do another W? of course i can! it's my blog :) W #2 is for WINE. my hubby makes great wine ;)
Y is for YOUNG. besides one friend i am usually the youngest person in a crowd. (1 just turned 28).
Z is for ZIZZER-ZAZZER-ZUZZ. as you can plainly see. reference from dr. suess. all you mom's should get that....

if this inspires you to do an A-Z post, be sure to link it here!! i wanna read it.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my little space.

    I like your A-Z post - what a cute idea...."Z" is by far my favorite!! :)

  2. I found you on UBP!!! Need to get around this party before its over. I am now following you via Google Connect, come on over and follow me as well.

    We blog about safe living medium for you and your family/home, you will love it.

    Love, love your blog. Have a great day!


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